When I first went to India, I found a place like no other before. I felt safe, happy and in sync with my surroundings! The culture, the people, the colours, the peace, harmony, the smell was so different but so familiar. I fell in love with India and subsequently with yoga. Yoga is a lifestyle, the harmony of breath, asana (yoga postures) and meditation. Yoga gave me peace and helped me on my journey. India and Yoga are the main inspirations behind Bea Jareno Jewellery brand.

Shanti (peace) was the motivation which gave me the ability to stand back and see what was going on around me. A way forward with strength, courage and belief. Yoga is a lifestyle full of compassion and understanding. It is a balance between mind and body with the power to align and open the seven chakras thus enabling the continuation of the journey. Yoga is individual and collective at the same time. Yoga empowers us to live in the present, trusting everything you need will come to you.

Bea Jareno Jewellery plays with this sense. Bea reflects this feeling with her unique contemporary jewellery. Her pieces are raw textured precious metals , sterling silver, yellow and white gold with a matt finish, combined with precious gemstones, beads and pearl.  A minimal style characteristic of Bea Jareno which again perfectly reflects a sense of balance. All the pieces are one of a kind, bespoke, individual and unique in their own right. Unfinished and asymmetric with beautiful colour and a mixture of components. This results in a sense of balance,a piece of wearable art, the perfect imperfections! The light and dark, a personalised hand-engraved message, this simplicity and beauty situates Bea's Brand among the leading UK jewellers often finding her Designs in the best shows and Galleries around the UK. 

Bea Jareno Jewellery offers unique contemporary handcrafted jewellery from her studio in London, she believes every piece of jewellery reaches their rightful owner. A piece of jewellery to reflect your beliefs, your journey!