Bea Jerano Portrait

Bea Jareno 

Jewellery is my passion. To be able to make a piece of jewellery and bring joy to the wearer is a source of great happiness for me, as it is when a piece of jewellery is worn that it truly comes to life. It not only decorates the body, but it also adorns the heart and the mind. I believe every piece of jewellery I have made has found its rightful owner. For me this is the true magic of it.

I’m Bea Jareno, an artist, a jeweller, a maker and most of all a designer. I love designing one of a kind, limited edition collections of contemporary jewellery. Handcrafted in an ethical and sustainable way right here in my London studio.

I currently have three jewellery lines that can be purchased online, directly from my studio or from selected stockists.

The Afiok Collection is inspired by Africa, it features a signature quill clasp and handcrafted textured links and a lot of contrast in finishes and surfaces. The Indian summer Collection is inspired by India, my travels there and my love for yoga and meditation. The colours, landscapes and the possibilities to mix different components into a single piece which perfectly creates a sense of balance with a great attention to detail. And the latest, Plethora Collection inspired by the abundance, richness and colours of the sea and the underwater world.

Making jewellery and the creative process allows me to be in the present, it’s what I call being in ‘flow’. This emotional state and it’s focused yet fluid energy is expressed in all of my work, whether it is a personal project or a commission.

I love to work with a variety of precious metals, experimenting with contrasting colours, patterns, and textures. I celebrate imperfections in materials which in my view become perfect for they hold a unique beauty.

Three of my main values in life are honesty, trust and respect. I bring these values into my business. They are gold to me and I think without them there would not be a Bea Jareno Jewellery.