Jewellery making is a life-long passion for Bea Jareno. She learnt watch-making as a young child at her grandfather's knee, and vividly remembers her first experience of seeing a ring being made. she says: "I knew from that moment that I was going to become a jeweller".

Bea Jareno has been making her collections and bespoke jewellery in her own studio in London for 14 years.

Every piece of Bea Jareno's jewellery is handcrafted from the raw materials at her studio on Wimbledon. Every piece is unique. Bea believes that each piece finds its rightful owner.

Bea uses raw, textured, precious metals including sterling silver, yellow and white gold which she combines with carefully selected gemstones, beads and pearls.

She sources her materials in the UK and fair trade gemstones making her pieces ethical with an optional fair trade gold.

Her pieces are minimal, graceful and come in many beautiful colours.

"All the time while I am designing I am thinking about how I can create balance and harmony, how I can create a piece of wearable art" she says.

Bea Jareno jewellery can be personalised with a hand-engraved message. She also undertakes commissions.

Bea Jareno is one of the leading UK jewellers and her designs are featured in the best shows and galleries around the UK.

Bea says: 'When I first went to India, I found a place like no other before. I felt safe, happy and in sync with my surroundings. The culture, the people, the colours, the peace, harmony, the smell, was so different but so familiar. I fell in love with India and subsequently with yoga. All of which are the main inspirations behind my jewellery."